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iPhone Apps for Seniors: FoodEssentials Scanner

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If the phrase “you are what you eat” means anything to you (and it should!), then you most likely have an interest in your food’s nutritional content. Healthy living starts with having a proper diet, which in a sense becomes infinitely easier with the new iPhone App FoodEssentials Scanner. FoodEssentials can scan bar codes and provide you with a product’s complete nutritional information. How useful!

With FoodEssentials Scanner, you get the entire scoop: information about additives, allergens, as well as the more common nutritional data — sodium, sugars, calories, and total fat. You can even customize the information that will appear on the scans. As many aging adults have specific nutritional restrictions, like low sodium to help lessen the risk of heart attaches or low fat to prevent weight gain, this app is optimal for seniors with certain dietary restrictions.

The app costs $5, a reasonable price for piece of mind and endless dearth of knowledge for your grocery store expeditions.

FoodEssentials Scanner – (iTunes Store)

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