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iPhone Apps for Seniors: All About Golf For Seniors

Golf is the ultimate leisure activity, adopted and beloved by seniors. For many of us, golf isn’t just a game but an obsessive lifestyle choice of sorts that gets our competitive juices flowing. A real golf nut will do about anything to improve performance.

Thats where the iPhone app, “All About Golf For Seniors” steps in. First of all, the app dishes out a number of tips to help you improve your game. The app is designed specifically for aging adults, so it is likely to take into account your specific psychological condition. Appropriately, it has more to say for golfers with arthritis or osteoporosis than any comparable golf app.

The app does more than just provide senior-specific tips: it supplies a number of mental preparation strategies as well as golf club recommendations. Just to be clear the app isn’t just for lifelong golfers though; it has a number of pointers to get first timers started and ready for the course.

We should note that the app is not a bargain; it costs $199.99 to download from the iTunes store. Indeed, that’s undeniably pricey but if you are looking for that competitive edge, All About Golf For Seniors might do the trick.

All About Golf For Seniors – (iTunes Store)

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