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iPhone and iPad Apps for Seniors: Remote

Remote, a new iPhone/ iPad app, is helping to redefine the term “convenience” for the digital age. The premise is relatively straightforward: control the settings for your iTunes or Apple TV from your iPhone or iPad.

Both Apple TV and Apple’s laptop/desktop units that feature iTunes come with their respective remote controls. However, Remote streamlines your remote controls into one handy device.
Consider it a universal remote specifically for Apple products.

Free to download from the iTunes store, we decided to get the app for a test run. While there might not be anything particularly fancy or or flashy about the app, it is undeniably intuitive. A basic understanding of Apple’s interface will allow you to masterfully control the app’s features. As long as your iPhone/iPad and Apple TV/iTunes are signed onto the same WiFi network, you can change a song, pick a new station to watch, or browse through your playlists. This is particularly useful for a aging adults that lack reliable mobility.

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