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iPhone and iPad Apps for Seniors: Netflix

Netflix, one of the internet’s most reliable video streaming sites, is now available as an iPhone app. Netflix was already available for the iPad but it has been formatted to work with the iPhone. And that’s wonderful news for movie and T.V. aficionados.

From what we can gather, this app is a great way to watch movies and T.V. from remote locations. Over a strong WiFi network, the video quality is top-notch, a definite plus for seniors who might be worried about diminished, low-quality video streams.

As for the interface, it is quite easy to master: sign in and then you will have the option to pick from one of the videos that Netflix recommends or search for the video of your choice. With instant streaming capabilities, users will have access to over thousands of films and T.V. shows. This includes age-old classics that probably appeal to seniors like “The Big Sleep,” “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” and “The Adams Family.”

The app is free to download, so as long as you have a Netflix account, it won’t cost you anything extra to stream videos off the portable Apple device of your choice. If you don’t yet have an account, consider this the perfect opportunity, as Netflix is offering free 30-day trials with the new app.

Netflix – (iTunes Store)

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