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iPhone and iPad Apps for Seniors: Meebo

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If you are a chronic online chatter box that likes to socialize with Google Talk, Facebook Chat, Yahoo IM, or Jabber, chatting on the-go with an iPhone or iPad might seem like a daunting task. Unlike chatting on your laptop, you can’t open up more than one app at once on the iPhone (or the iPad for that matter) and are only allowed to employ one chat-program at a time. In other words, carrying simultaneous chats on both Facebook and Google Talk is a complicated and time-consuming task. However, the updated Meebo app has changed the rules of communication, consolidating all of your chat programs into one clean, straightforward app.

Even if you have never really been drawn to instant messaging, Meebo might be the introduction that you need. The interface is rather intuitive for those seniors who find the world of online chatting quite foreign: sign into your account and start chatting the day away with friends and family. You might be asking yourself, “why would I use Meebo when I could just text message?” That’s easy: messaging fees do not apply on Meebo.

We should also mention that for iPhone 4 users, Meebo allows you to chat using the front facing camera. Unlike FaceTime where you can only chat with other iPhone 4/FaceTime users, Meebo allows you to video chat with anyone using video-enabled chat software.

Meebo is free to download from the iTunes Store.

Meebo – iTunes Store

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