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iPad and iPhone Apps for Seniors: Textie Messaging

The name Textie might sound a bit nonsensical and goofy but this is a highly valuable, highly practical iPad and iPhone app.

What exactly is the point of Textie? Well first of all, sending texts through the default iPhone SMS is not exactly free; yet, sending a Textie text between Textie client costs absolutely nothing. While the monetary benefits are pretty darn neat, Textie’s real value comes from its ability to streamline your written communication. You can write and send emails through Textie, both to Textie and non-Textie users; also, you can send a text to Textie and non-Textie users. You don’t have to treat texting and e-mail like two different forms of communication with Textie; consider the benefits in terms of organization and user-friendliness.

From what we can tell, Textie works rather well; it is not a low-quality, third party application. It can function as a substitute for your iPhone’s default SMS app. Even better news — Textie is free to download so give it a try. And while you are at it, email us ( your thoughts via Textie!

Textie Messaging for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store – (iTunes Store)

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