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iPad and iPhone Apps for Seniors: Restaurant Nutrition

It is common to find yourself hungry and on the go but without knowing exactly where to eat. You might run across a few fast food joints but you know that sort of food shouldn’t be part of your diet.

The iPad and iPhone application, Restaurant Nutrition, will be able to solve that dietary conundrum. The user can check out the menus and nutritional information for nearby restaurants, looking at specifically calories, protein, fat, and carbohydrate content. It goes without saying that being particular about your diet is especially important for seniors, who due to various ailments, frequently need to take specific dietary measures.

Restaurant Nutrition is not only about figuring out what to consume though. You can also track exactly what you eat over an extent period of time, which will enable you to “count calories” and become a healthier eater. Additionally, you can set up a profile, where you can share the content of meals with your friends and family and provide recommendations for nutritious meals.

Restaurant Nutrition is free to download from the iTunes Store.

Restaurant Nutrition – (iTunes Store)

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