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iPad 2, iPhone 4S Top Holiday Wish Lists

A survey put out by SodaHead reveals the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S are the top items on its readers’ holiday wish lists. The opinion-based web community received 3,000 responses to its survey during the week of Nov. 7.

The new iPhone 4S was the most coveted gift, followed closely by its Apple brethren, the iPad 2. Amazon’s new Kindle Fire tablet and Barnes & Nobles’ Nook were also popular among respondents.

When asked what the most popular gifts would likely be this season, respondents believed the iPhone 4S, iPad 2, Kindle Fire and Xbox Kinect would top the list (in order of popularity).

Perhaps the one surprising find of the survey was that respondents preferred gift cards over tech gifts. In fact, they preferred money, gift cards and vacations more than tech gifts. Electronics were more in demand, however, than clothing or jewelry. Hmm, maybe the survey was male dominated?


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