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In the News: India Develops $35.00 Tablets

Engineers in India have designed a prototype for the world’s cheapest tablet, a touchscreen device that costs around $35.00. In fact, the Indian government, the brains behind the device, are looking to find a partner so they can push down the price to $10.00 per unit. Wow.

This low-cost computer is designed for students, equipped with basic functionality: display, internet browsers, and PDF readers. In case if you are wondering how the price tag dropped so drastically (keep in mind that the iPad starts at $499), the model has no internal storage, works off memory cards, and can run on solar power. Currently, we don’t know what kind of processor is being used or how much RAM is in the tablet.

With something this basic, this simple, we have to assume that it will have a number of benefits for seniors who aren’t used to overbearing computers. This is a conscious move away from, what might be considered to be the bloated excess of laptops and desktops. The approach is truly minimalist.

Experts have already touted the low-cost tablet as the computer of the future. If this is indeed true, it’s nice to know that tomorrow’s technology will be so darn simple and eldergadget.

India unveils prototype of $35 tablet computer – (San Francisco Chronicle)

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