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In the News: Google Maps Add Bicycle Routes

We are in the midst of Bike-to-Work Week (May 17 to May 21). To mark the event, it seems appropriate that Google has added bicycle directions to its collection of online maps. Input your start destination and your end destination and you can ride along a route that has been deemed bike friendly. In other words, you can take this opportunity to ride along bike paths and bike lanes.

This is a great option for seniors who are interested in riding their bikes for recreation purposes but do not necessarily have the physical strength to ride on crowded roads. The fact of the matter is that aging adults aren’t as quick on a bike as they once were and might find it difficult to compete with cars on the road. Thanks to Google’s new map functionality, you don’t have to be scared of riding our bike around the city. Safe biking is a great way to get a proper cardiovascular workout, a real benefit for your heart.

You can either access bike maps off a smartphone (like the iPhone) or by printing up direction offline from the web.

A New Spin on Google Maps: Bike Routes – (The New York Times)

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