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In the News: An Upgraded Google Image Search

Seemingly minor design changes can go a long way, as is the case with Google’s new image search.

The most notable upgrade is an instant scrolling option: instead of viewing a static page of thumbnail images, you can check out images as a continuous scroll. The new image search will also include larger thumbnail previews and higher resolution displays.

Google image search was built in 2001 and hasn’t been updated until now. With these upgrades, Google is starting to look a lot like its competitor in search-engine innovation, Bing. Though, this is not necessarily a bad thing, especially for seniors.

The instant scrolling is a much more efficient way to look at pictures and makes the interface easier to navigate. Additionally, the higher resolution display is a nice improvement for seniors with poor eyesight and might need some sort of visual crutch.

We can’t say we are in love with all of the updates though: the “dense tile layout” crams try to cram as many pictures as possible onto the page and this comes off as a big confusing and overwhelming. In this case, less would certainly be more.

On the whole though, these are welcome changes.

Google’s New Image Search: Thanks, Bing – (PCWorld)

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