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How to Spot an Online Liar

Researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Cornell University have identified some very important verbiage when it comes to sniffing out an online liar. By analyzing the profiles of online daters – a group that is notorious for its deception – the researchers have established a few patterns in their language that reek of mistruths.

According to their study, liars are more likely to avoid using the first-person pronoun “I,” as this helps distance themselves from the fib. They also speak in negation, saying something is “not bad” instead of “good,” or “not fat” instead of “skinny.”

Online liars also provide fewer descriptions, as this equates to fewer lies, meaning they don’t have to keep track of so many stories. Not surprisingly, online daters mostly lie about their weight, height and age. Many who lie about these topics also steered clear of conversations pertaining to appearance. They choose, instead, to talk about their accomplishments or work.

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