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Health Monitor Sends Personal Data to iPhone

Here’s a neat idea: have your essential health information sent to your iPhone via Bluetooth.

That’s pretty much the premise behind the Proteus Raisin Personal Health Monitor, which can track information such as physical activity, pulse, and heart rate. A sensor sticks to the skin of the user with an adhesive bandage, which enables data compilation.

While constantly tracking this information may do wonders for seniors who need up-to-date health data, it shouldn’t take the place of a visit to the doctor’s office. Rather, seniors should take advantage of having their medical history constantly charted — if they see something is abnormal, then it makes sense to make an appointment with a medical professional. The Proteus Raisin Personal Health Monitor has been cleared by the FDA, but it is not on sale; we will surely keep you updated on associated developments.

Raisin Health Monitor Sends Heart Rate Details To Your Phone – (Gizmodo)

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