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GPS Tracker Thwarts iPhone Theft

If you have an iPhone, do yourself a favor and download the app Alert and Respond.

iPhone user Jordan Sturm can attest to that. He was in the middle of testing out the app on the streets of San Francisco when a bike thief snatched his precious iPhone and rode away. Much to the thief’s surprise, the app allows for live GPS tracking. Sturm then got in contact with the police, who were able to proceed to the thief’s exact location and arrest him.

Seniors should take note of these sorts of precautions when taking their iPhone out in public. The iPhone, of course, is a popular and expensive item and is in on the radar for many thieves, especially when the gadget itself in in the possession of a senior who might seem vulnerable.

With a gadget as desirable as an iPhone, taking a taking safety precautions is essential; downloading a GPS tracking system isn’t a bad place to start.

Unlucky Thief Steals iPhone With Live GPS-Tracking App Running – (Gizmodo)

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