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Google, Verizon Launch Tablet — Expect Senior Friendliness Features

It’s been over a month since the iPad became available for purchase. Our perception of tablets, and their accommodations for senior consumers, has changed for the better.

Apple embarked on a great idea with user their user friendly tablet and competition is on the horizon. Verizon Wireless has team up with Google to manufacturer the a tablet alternative. While we don’t know much about its functionality, we can assume it come with the standard senior friendly features: an e-reader, a large LCD screen, and lightweight.

We hope this competition between Google/Verizon and Apple becomes something of an arms race, where the Verizon/Google model adds additional senior friendly features like a camera or a natural lit screen option a la the Kindle. This in turn might force Apple to up the ante with future iPad models. In other words, now that there is a legitimate tablet competition, we have to assume that each respective brand is going to try to provide us with novel features, which will ideally be considered “elder friendly.”

Verizon, Google Developing Rival iPad – (Wall Street Journal)

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