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Google Introduces ‘Recipe View’

Screen shot of Google's new Recipe View

Recipes are just the latest products to get special treatment from Google. In addition to categories like images, videos, news, books and shopping, recipes now have their own tab along the left-hand side of

Recipe View works just like the other Google tabs. If you type a food- or cooking-relevant search term into Google, the recipe tag will appear along the left side of the page. If you engage this tag you’ll be rewarded with a list of recipes that contain the search term. These recipes also include star ratings and reviews.

This new feature works with much more than just a list of ingredients, however. While you can type a term like “ice cream” or “tofu” into the search engine to pull up a plethora of recipes, you can also organize or whittle down your recipe lists by ingredients, cooking time and calorie count.

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