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Google App for iPhone Undergoes Senior-friendly Makeover

Google’s original iPhone app, called the Google Mobile App, has been replaced by a sleek, sophisticated and intuitive new model. Re-named Google Search, this new app has a much cleaner screen and friendlier user interface, which is good news for seniors.

The app’s home screen now boasts a minimal design. The same Google logo we’ve all come to know and love is still there, as is the search box. Tons of text has been replaced by a few icons, however.

There’s a Help icon represented by a question mark and a gear that will take you to the Settings page. A microphone icon will enable Google Voice Search, which lets you say your search term, while a camera icon will enable Google Goggles, which allows you to search by photo. With Google Goggles you can, for example, take a photo of the Eiffel tower if you’re looking for additional information on this attraction. You can also snap a photo of a road sign or menu if it’s in a foreign language and Google will translate the text into English.

Google Search also allows you to sign in, so you can access your Gmail and Google Docs, which can be found by clicking on the Apps button at the bottom of the screen. The apps button will also let you access other popular tools we’ve become used to seeing on the left-hand side of Google when we access this site from a browser. These tools include Google Talk, Calendar, Books, Maps and Earth, as well as YouTube.

The app’s search feature has also improved. By swiping your thumb from left to right you can change your search from webpages to places, images, news, shopping, videos, blogs and more. Google also conveniently provides search options for places, images and news right above its main search box.

Seniors will no doubt appreciate this upgrade. Google Search is much easier to navigate. You may even find yourself using it for more than just standard web searches, as it’s so easy to access other features like driving directions, price comparisons or updates on the latest news.

Try it for yourself and start swiping away!

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