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Getting Your Elderly Parents to Use New Technology

Getting elder parents to use Technology

Older generations are less likely to embrace new technology due to unfamiliarity. For example electronics such as tablets can be intimidating for someone whose most advance piece of equipment is a VCR. This doesn’t mean your elderly parents will never take a liking to e-mail. On the contrary, they might with the right motivation.

Seniors are most likely to embrace technology that fulfills a need. In other words, if you’re trying to convince your 70-year-old dad to start using eReaders, give him a good reason that applies to him personally. Maybe your dad loves reading but can’t because of poor vision and arthritis in the hands. Specifically tell your dad that eReaders are light in weight, need little dexterity to operate and are easy to read. This speaks directly to your father’s issues and will be more effective that “eReaders make life easier.” You have to make the pitch personal.

Other factors that should be taken into consideration include ease of use. Technology is a lot like swimming in that you would never throw a beginner in the deep end. The same applies for technology. There’s no incentive for a senior to embrace smartphones if they never owned a cell phone to begin with. Take baby steps and ease seniors into new technology instead of jumping right in.

Finally, always remember that the happiness of your parents is paramount. Everyone, including seniors, will embrace technology if it makes them happy and improves their quality of life.

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