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Geek Squad: Men are Stubborn, Refuse Help with Gadget Gifts

Apparently the same characteristic that prevents your husband from asking for driving directions also prevents him from asking for help with his new gadget. A new study by Geek Squad notes men are almost twice as likely to refuse help with a new gadget than women are.

The tech assistance company says men are prone to fits of swearing, sulking and, well, just plain throwing a fit when they can’t understand the general operating principals of a new tech toy. They’re also great at playing the blame game, saying the gadget’s broken rather than admitting they don’t know how to work it.

Geek Squad says mothers are the least likely to understand gadgets, but the most likely to ask for help. In contrast, about 28 percent of men surveyed said they’d only accept help as an out-and-out last resort. They may want to reconsider this stance, as 26 percent of those surveyed also said their Christmas was ruined by frustrations over confusing electronics.

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