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Gadget of the Week: Sharp Galapagos

What can I say about this? When I heard about the Galapagos for the first time at the CES show, I didn’t believe it was true. Flawless transference of an image or video from a cellphone to a television or from and tablet to a cell phone seemed truly miraculous. And Sharp did it. This is true convergence. Not only is the interface the same, but one can move the actual screen shot from one device to another in real time. So if the email or document or picture you just received on your smart phone isn’t big enough to see or read, just flick or swipe it to your HDTV.

The possibilities for this type of technology for seniors is endless. The closest thing to it that has been around for a while is when the ability to move from a picture or image from one monitor to a second hooked up to your computer in sync. Waiting until the middle of the year for this is excruciating! I can’t wait to see the production model when released. We will bring additional information and screenshots as they become available.

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