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Frustrated with Tech Support? There’s a Viral Video for That

A new breed of online videos has cropped up in the past few months. They’re called “S*** ________ Say,” except you fill in the blank with any number of identities, from yogis to entrepreneurs, girls to New Yorkers.

It seems everyone with a video camera has tried to grab their 15 minutes with these clips, some of which are very funny and spot on, while others kind of miss the mark. Well, that poor population of people who have had the displeasure of talking with tech support agents is no different. And a few took it upon themselves to create “S**** Support Agents Say.”

The less than two-minute video hits on many of the annoying statements so many of us are confronted with when we call for help. Verifying mother’s maiden names, asking if we’ve tried turning our devices off, being told their system is running abnormally slow today, etc.

We wouldn’t say this is the funniest “S*** ________ Say” video, but it’s entertaining and accurate enough to recommend. And if you’ve got a half hour or so to kill, Google the web series (minus the asterisks) and have a ball.

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