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Free Online Game Review: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

To play the new Millionaire game, click here.

The new version of the tremendously popular trivia game show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is now available online. At ElderGadget, we believe that online versions of popular game shows are a great way for seniors to have some fun competing in familiar games. Familiarity with the game show usually makes picking up the online game a snap.

The new rules

While the new Millionaire game is not exactly the same as the original Who Wants To Be A Millionaire game show, the new version is just as easy to pick up. Now the questions and the dollar value of the questions have been randomized. No longer do the questions go up in difficulty and value as the contestant progresses through the game. Additionally the number of questions has been reduced and the familiar lifelines have been changed. The online version introduces these new edits to the game.

Round 2 rules

Luckily there are clear instructions upon opening the game that detail all the rules and the rule changes. These well-written instructions make the game Easy to Understand. The format of the game follows a basic multiple choice question format that can probably be figured out without reading the instructions. The gameplay is straightforward and very easy to navigate. The text is high contrast white on navy and large enough to read without straining. Thus the game is both Easy to Use and Easy to See. Also those familiar with the TV version will appreciate the familiar sounds that come from the original game show.


Cool factor: we feel that most trivia games are fun and those that you can learn from are cool. Knowledge is power after all and you never know who might bet that you don’t know who Sasha Fierce is!

The game is enjoyable and the questions are fair (this is not Jeopardy), but the only drawback is the lack of questions available. I saw many of the same questions more than once during my short time playing the game. Hopefully they will add questions over time to keep the game fresh.

What do you think? Click here to play Millionaire.

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