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Free Online Game Review: MSN Zuma

To play Zuma, click here.

Zuma is a fun arcade-style game that will challenge your hand-eye coordination as well as your reflexes. This game is in the mold of games like Bejeweled and Bubble Town. And like those games, Zuma has many senior friendly features. The game gets harder as the game progresses and the action gets faster so it’s fun for all ages. Zuma can be addicting so watch out!

Bright colors and simplistic gameplay highlight Zuma

Zuma is one of the many MSN games that does not work on Firefox so you’ll have to use Internet Explorer to play the game. You have the option to play the free version or download the “download version.” We only tested out the free online version.

When you click to play the online game a popup window will appear that contains the game. The first time you play Zuma, the latest version of the game will automatically download to your computer. Don’t fret, there is nothing to do at this point other than watch the advertisement that comes up. Once the advertisement is done you will be ready to get started.

At the end of each level you get to check out your stats

The game fonts for the instruction are a little on the small size and can be a bit harsh on the eyes. However, the bright colors used for the game graphics make the in-game action very Easy to See. The concept of the game is extremely simple and really doesn’t require even reading the instructions. Games don’t get much Easier to Understand than this one. If you can use a mouse then this game is Easy to Use. The sounds are simple and add to the game experience.

Each level gets a little more complex and the action speeds up

Cool Factor: if you have an account with MSN, then your scores are kept on record and you will be awarded badges for your achievements. We think it’s cool to show off what you’ve done and the fact that MSN has many games to choose from gives this game a nice cool factor boost.

Our only complaint is that you have to sit through a 20 second commercial between each level, but it’s worth the wait.

Game hint: there are special bonus balls that can really help you out in a pinch so be sure to use them wisely.

What do you think? Try it out.

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