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Free Online Game Review: Candystand Mini-Golf

You can play Candystand Mini-Golf by clicking here.

When Flash games on the internet really started to take off, one of the most popular games online was mini-golf. It’s the perfect game to play with a mouse because it’s easy to use (not many controls required), easy to understand (the rules are pretty universal) and it’s just plain fun. Plus, the creative possibilities are endless. Candystand was one of the first companies to have a hugely popular mini-golf game and the classic version is still available on their website today.

Don't fall in the lava.

It’s been well over a decade since the days of dial-up modems and VGA monitors and it’s obvious that games and game graphics have come a long way. Candystand has put out a sequel that we’re reviewing for senior friendliness today.

When you open the game you will be shown a short advertisement before you can get started. Once the game has loaded, pick from one to four players to play at a time on the same computer. (I would be lying if I said that we never used four-player mini-golf to pass the time at work when no one was looking). You can start on training mode if you want to test out any of the 18 holes or you can practice on the front nine or back nine. Once you are comfortable with the game, you can go a full 18 holes.

The ball can roll over some of these obstacles and can't roll over others.

As we mentioned before, the game is very Easy to Understand – so easy that there are no instructions provided when starting the game. Just like in real golf, the goal is to get the ball in the hole in as few tries as possible. The controls are extremely Easy to Use: click the mouse to set the ball down, aim with the cursor and finally press and hold the cursor to determine your putt strength.

The game graphics are quite impressive and fun for such a simple game. Candystand has gotten quite creative with their game environments, but this is where the game becomes not very Easy to See. The ball is very small and the hole is sometimes hard to find. There are a lot of moving parts on the various greens and they sometimes add to the confusion because you don’t know where to hit the ball. The most difficult part is figuring out if you are putting downhill or uphill. It would be nice if they had added some markers to indicate the direction of the slope. We consider this game Easy to Hear because there is only some light game music and the sound effects sound just like you are playing a round of mini-golf with the family.

Beware of the bridge.

The fact that you can play with multiple friends increases the Cool Factor of this tame. It’s also challenging enough to keep you coming back to improve your score.

Tip: get familiar with each green before you try and keep track of your score. Just like in real golf, this game can be frustrating so try not to lose your cool!

Bonus Tip: On hole 15, hit the ball to the red dot in front of the hockey player.

I had 11 strokes on my worst hole (hole 10) the first time around. What about you guys? Try it here.

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