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Free Online Game Review: Bing Silversphere

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To play Bing Silversphere click here.

Silversphere is a familiar puzzle game that combines strategic thinking and quick reflexes. The game has many elder friendly features that makes the game fun and challenging. The goal of the game is simple – get the silversphere in the blue vortex. The challenge of the game is to use items on the board to maneuver the silversphere over and around obstacles. Additionally you are on a tight time line so even the slightest mistake can be fatal.

Save your password before every level so you can continue from that level the next time you play

Silversphere first opens up with a main menu that lets you start the game from the first level, view instructions or load a previously played level. We recommend reading through the short instructions to find out how to play the game. There are various objects that can help you get to the blue vortex, but there are also objects you will have to avoid. The instructions are clearly written and you can move through them at your own pace*. The instructions come with visuals so they are clear and easy to understand. The text could be a little larger and it is overlaid on top of some graphics so it isn’t as easy to see as we would like.

Use the boxes to cross the water to the blue vortex

One thing that is a little odd about the game controls is that some menu ‘buttons’ appear as text without any graphic to let you know that you can click the text. We generally like black text, but when everything – including a button or menu – is only black text then the visual cues are lost. Luckily there aren’t many buttons to use so we still consider the game easy to use.

The game music is a little harsh, but it turns off during gameplay. The sound effects are more obvious because there is no music during each level so they were very easy to hear.

Push the box into the claw to reveal the blue vortex (your destination).

At the beginning of each level you will be given a password that you will want to write down or save somewhere. When you come back to the game’s main screen you can continue from your last level by entering the password you took down.

Periodically you will have to watch an approximately 30 second advertisement between levels.

Try Silversphere.

*Note to game designers: allowing users to move through your game instructions at their own pace is always better than a timing-based system.

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