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Free Online Game Review: Bing Azkend

Free Online Game Review: Bing Azkend for Boomers

Free Online Game Review: Bing Azkend for Boomers


Azkend is a free online game on Bing. It’s similar to Bejeweled, in that you find groups of similar objects and connect them to eliminate them. The object is to ultimately change the color of every space on the board, which you do by connecting similar objects. The more objects in a row you get, the more of a “charge” you get, in the form of lightning bolts. The more you can make, the more help you get, as the lightning bolts strike unchanged spaces to change them, helping you in tricky spaces.

When you clear the board, you then get a piece of a talisman. There are several talisman to find on your journey to reach the Temple of Time.

It’s a timed game, so your matching skills and speed are put to the test. It gets harder and more interesting as you go along.

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