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Finding the Right iPad Case

Whatever your opinion on the iPad might be, it is difficult not to admit that it is a gorgeous device. While it is undeniably aesthetically pleasing, transporting the tablet isn’t always easy. The iPad is prone to scratches and falls; the latter example is especially prevalent with seniors who might not have a strong grip. No one wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a new gadget only to end up with a broken device. That’s where supplemental iPad protection comes in handy.

You have to pick your case wisely though, as not all models are created equally. As the New York Times explains, “some are pretty and sumptuous but offer no real protection. Those that do offer safe harbor from the elements can make you feel as if you have put handcrafted Ferrari seats in a dump truck.”

While there might not be a perfect case, there are still a number of few highly-recommended reputable devices worth mentioning. The Book Jacket ($50) and the Convertible Book Jacket ($60) are practical buys, both of which are padded and can protect against falls from several feet. The latter of which is especially neat, as it comes with a stand that will let you prop up the tablet from multiple angles. The Dodo case is also a good buy ($60). While it might be a bit heavier than other cases, the design is on par with the iPad itself, as it protects the iPad in an attractive leather-bound sketchbook-like jacket.

Did we leave out your favorite iPad case? Feel free to send along your iPad-related suggestions.

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