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Feds Give BlackBerry PlayBook Thumbs Up

It may not be a hit with consumers or critics but RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook has at least one fan…the federal government. The PlayBook recently received Federal Information Processing Standard certification, which means it can be utilized by federal agencies.

The PlayBook is supposedly the first tablet to receive such certification, beating even Apple’s iPad to the punch. This could spell great news for RIM, which hasn’t quite received the pat on the back it thought it would for the tablet. BlackBerry sales have been similarly disappointing, as this smartphone continues to lose marketshare to Apple and Android.

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One Response to Feds Give BlackBerry PlayBook Thumbs Up

  1. Jim Flicker July 21, 2011 at 7:57 pm #

    Got me one of those tablets.


    Best purchase ever.
    I just LOVE it.

    Thanks RIM.

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