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Featured Product Review: Panasonic Viera TC-P50VT25

Panasonic TCP50VT25 / TC-P50VT25 / TC-P50VT25 TCP50VT25 50 1080p Plasma 3D TV

Overview: This is Panasonic’s 3D TV for 2010. We are going to discuss the 50 inch model, the smallest of the group, but our review will apply to all of the models in the class.

In terms of the 3D functionality, the Panasonic Viera is still a work in progress, especially because 3D content is limited. But the model does at least attest to the fact that 3D can indeed live up to the hype if need be. Panasonic went out of its way to ensure that the Viera avoids showing unnecessary double images and overbearing shades. This is a nice feature for seniors, who are sensitive to discerning 3D and can be prone to visual confusion.

We should note that the T.V. comes with one pair of the glasses; you are required to buy additional pair, which are somewhat pricey and around $150.00 or so.

For those traditionalist among us who still have an invested interest in 2D, the Panasonic Viera surely delivers. The picture quality is top notch, it’s a home theater at its best. But if you feel the need to adjust, there are a number of adjustable picture setting. The colors on this models are extraordinarily vibrant. Additionally, the TV comes with an antireflective screen, an effective way to block out glare and avoid squinting.

The TV sits on a easily maneuverable swivel stand, a nice feature for seniors who want to play around with the visual angles. At 30 pounds, it is also relatively lightweight, so it is not all that difficult to move it from one room to the next if need be.

Indeed, the product is quite pricey but if you are willing (and able) to shell out out for a top of the line model, then you are making a good purchase.

Price Range: High

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