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Featured Product Review: iPod Nano (6th Generation)

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Senior Friendly Features

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1 - 4 GB
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The latest incarnation of the iPod Nano, the 6th generation, is quite a specialized product.If you are an avid jogger that needs a lightweight, easy to use, music player, then look no further than the Nano. This Nano’s size and weight is ideal for athletic seniors to carry during a workout — it weighs .74 ounces and measure 1.48 inches by 16.1 inches. Consider it a pocket-size media player that you can pretty much take anywhere.

While the device is definitely minimalist in design, the new Nano is relatively multifaceted. Apple has got rid of the Nano’s wheel and has added a sleek touchscreen. The touchscreen is not just an aesthetic upgrade but also notably allows for quicker, faster, more efficient scrolling. The device also comes with Genius functionality, which quickly puts together automatic playlists for your listening pleasure. The

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