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Facebook App Now Available on Many Feature Phones

There’s no question that Facebook is a social media phenomenon. Whether you visit a movie theater, turn on Saturday Night Live, flip through a business magazine or jump online, chances are good that you’re going to run into multiple Facebook references.

This social media site is so popular, in fact, that it’s the most downloaded free app for the iPhone, according to Mashable. Despite its intense saturation, there is still one tech group that has been left out in the dark when it comes to accessing Facebook.

That’s the feature phone user. A feature phone is, for all intents and purposes, just a phone. Many are Internet-enabled, but aren’t equipped with fancy operating systems or lightning-fast downloading capabilities. In essence, they lack most of the features that make a smartphone, well, “smart.”

Being a nuts-and-bolts phone, most feature phones don’t have access to the vast array of apps that Blackberry, iPhone or Android users do. This means no Angry Birds, no Pandora and no Facebook – up until now.

Facebook recently teamed with Snaptu, a mobile app platform that can run on almost any Internet-enabled phone, to bring Facebook to the nearly 79% of mobile phone owners who still use a feature phone.

Facebook officials say the new app can be downloaded to more than 2,500 different feature phones throughout the world, including LG, Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones. The app should make Facebook easier to navigate, update and sync with your phone’s contacts.

This new app provides one more way seniors can stay in touch with their friends and family. While some seniors opt for the advanced smartphones, a great deal still like feature phones because of their lower prices or minimal functions. Feature phones can be a great “gateway” phone for seniors, and the addition of the Facebook app can give them a little glimpse into the app worlds that come with smartphones.

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