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Expensive, Inexpensive Men’s Analog Watches

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Last month we outlined a few analog watch features that may make them easier for seniors to use. We’re now following that post up with a few more watches that exemplify these features, but at different price points in the hopes that most seniors will be able to find what they’re looking for within their price range.

Legible Dial

Inexpensive: Casio Men’s Analog Watch #MQ24-9B3; $11

This Casio utilizes a simple font, bold numbers and an ideal color contrast for aging eyes. This watch is also extremely lightweight, affordable and casual, making it perfect for everyday use.

Expensive: Nixon Men’s 51-30 PU Analog Watch in All Black / Lime (A058-603); $360


Nixon also makes use of the black and yellow/green color combination, which is the best contrast for people with poor vision. Though it doesn’t contain all 12 numbers, the five that it does include are so large that it’s easy to tell what times it is based on the position of the thick hands.

Easy to Grip Screwdown Crown with Case

Inexpensive: Casio Men’s Analog Reverse Bezel Sport Dive Watch #MDV301D-2AV; $52

Screwdown crowns can be difficult to use if you have poor eyesight or fine motor skills. However, features like ridges on the crown and a large casing can make it easier to unscrew. Nearly all Amazon reviewers found this crown easy to operate based on these two features.

Expensive: Invicta Men’s Reserve Collection Venom Diver Stainless Steel Watch #5674; $845

This watch has the largest screwdown crown we’ve ever seen. The casing’s protruding angles make it impossible to miss, even if you must located it by feel instead of sight, and the crown’s large ridges are well-spaced, allowing fingers to get a solid grip before unscrewing.

Synthetic Sapphire Crystal Covering

Inexpensive: Momentum M50 DSS Men’s Leather Watch #1M-DV50B2; $142

In our original guide to analog men’s watches we warned you that synthetic sapphire crystal coverings didn’t come cheap. In fact, we couldn’t find many watches with this feature for less than $140. This is a great price, however, if you consider that many watches with these coverings cost at least $300. This covering is protecting the Momentum’s stainless-steel case, which may need all the protection it can get, considering this watch is waterproof up to 1,640 feet.

Expensive: Momentum Midsize Nereos Metres Sapphire Steel Watch #1M-DV98B0; $545

Like its more economical brethren, Momentum’s Nereos sports a covering that remains water-resistant while diving. This watch also contains a few more features that are conducive to a scratch-free face, including a water temperature monitor and alarm clock.

Velcro Strap

Inexpensive: Timex Men’s Expedition Analog-Digital Velcro Fastwrap Strap Watch #T49741; $38

We included this watch in our initial post because we loved its easy-to-fasten strap. However, it’s also one of the most economical Velcro-fastening watches as well. So here it is one more time.

Expensive: Luminox Men’s Original Navy SEAL Dive Watch #3913; $220

Velcro isn’t a very common fastener for analog watches, which means there’s less selection, and therefore less variation in price. While the Timex is inexpensive, it’s one of the only low-cost Velcro watches out there. Most, like this Luminox, cost around $200.

This watch is, however, endorsed by Navy SEALs and Air Force pilots because it’s dependable, water-resistant, shock-resistant and contains a self-powered illumination system, which basically means its dials and numbers automatically glow in the dark.

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  1. Wayland Yoder August 15, 2010 at 9:30 pm #

    The Casio watches featured would be nice except that the hands don’t contrast well with the faces.

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