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Expecting An Improved Batch of Apple

Within the upcoming weeks, expect Apple to announce new, improved models for a number of its notable products, the iPad, the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPod Touch.

One of the more interesting tweaks is expected to come from the iPod Touch, which should be adding camera functionality. It is expected this will include a back-facing and a front-facing camera, the latter of which will allow iPod Touch users to video chat with FaceTime software. Thus far, FaceTime functionality has been limited to iPhone 4 models. Indeed, expanding the user base will benefit certain seniors who will now have to opportunity to video chat with a wider range of friends and family.

In terms of America’s most popular tablet, the iPad, it is predicted that Apple will release a smaller 7 inch model near the end of the calendar year. The iPad currently measures 9.7 inches, so it seems as if the revamped edition puts a high premium on senior friendly features like portability and light weight. No argument from us there.

From what we can gather, not much is known about improvements for the iPhone or the iPod, though we will surely keep you in the loop.

Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch Rumors Abound – (eWeek)

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