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Evening Breeze Brand Cools Bed

With the summer months on the horizon, seniors have to take precautionary measures against heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Aging adults are prone to heat-related stress because they have a difficult time adapting to extreme temperatures and might even be taking medicines that upset normal body temperatures. Staying indoors during peak hours ,drinking lots of water, and situating yourself near a fan/air conditioner all help the cause in the name of senior safety.

Additionally, the Evening Breeze line of beds helps to chill your bed and provides you with cool sleeps. In other words, you won’t be sweating under the covers. With bed posts and canopies, as well as a built in ventilation system, Evening Breeze products take the air from under your bed, cool it, and then gently blow it over you. Consider it the ideal cooling experience. Additionally, the set up comes with a remote control which allows you to control the type of air you want to get throughout the course of a night — breeze, gentle, cool, fresh or cold.

Investing in Evening Breeze is not cheap, as it costs $4500 for a system installation. Though, given that it is important for seniors to, not only take precautions against heat and that it is crucial for aging adult to get a proper night’s rest, Evening Breeze is worth the cost if you have the financial means available.

Eco-minded canopy can cool any bed – (Spring Wise)

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