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Elderly Couple Fiddling with Their Webcam Becomes Internet Sensation

A still from the hilarious "Webcam 101 for Seniors"

Viral videos are normally for the young. Whether it’s the young professionals watching them on their smartphones or the college kids recording them in their dorm rooms, these sensational videos predominantly involve in the younger generations.

Try telling that to Bruce and Esther Huffman of McMinnville, Oregon. The couple was unknowingly recorded by their new webcam as they tried to take a picture of themselves. Apparently the Huffman’s granddaughter (the same one who later posted the video to YouTube) had just given Esther a tutorial on the webcam.

When left to her own devices, however, Esther clearly demonstrates that some parts of the lesson was lost on her. She laments that her granddaughter tried to show her too much at once while Bruce, ever the comedian, sings songs, pokes fun at his wrinkles and gets a wee bit fresh with his wife.

The two-minute video, aptly named “Webcam 101 for Seniors,” comes to an appropriate ending after Esther tries to close the webcam program and receives a warning that she must stop recording before exiting the program. That’s when you see the lightbulbs go off in their heads as the Huffmans realize they might have just captured that entire tribulation on webcam.

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  1. ClearCare September 22, 2011 at 2:42 am #

    The YouTube video showing an elderly couple trying to learn how to operate a webcam is very enjoyable to watch. Despite the challenges, they still give it a shot just to get acquainted with technology. The pair also displays the sweetest part of growing old with your better half. They both try patiently (and eagerly) to learn how to use it. Likewise, senior caregivers should also be patient whenever they introduce schedules and routines to the seniors. Tasks can be executed with greater accuracy and efficiency if they’re being managed using a senior care software.

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