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Father's Day Tech Gift Guide

Watch: Fox News: Father’s Day Tech Gift Guide

iPad 2

iPad 2 Tablet for Boomers

Taking the original iPad and making it faster, lighter and thinner does take it up a notch. But add front- and rear-facing cameras and he can video conference with Skype or Apple’s own Facetime, plus shoot HD videos and high resolution still photos with ease, on the easiest to use Apple iPad 2.

With over 300,000 apps, there’s an app for everything, from games to web browsing, social media, productivity tools and apps, and much more. All are easily found at the Apple App Store and backed up with iTunes. There are plenty of accessories to make it even better, from Apple’s own Smartcover to keyboards and other cases.

He’ll just plain feel cool having the latest iPad.

For more information or to purchase an Apple iPad 2, visit

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Kaldi

Kaldi coffee espresso tea maker blue medium for Seniors

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Kaldi, named after the African goatherder who discovered coffee, can instantly brew you a cup of your favorite coffee, espresso or tea drink in any size you’d like. The unique dual pressure system can make high-pressure (15 bar) espresso that tastes exactly like it was pulled at his favorite coffee bar, or can make regular coffee or tea at lower pressure. The easy to read and easy to use display on the front lets him pick the type of drink, and individual containers of coffee or tea placed into the top of the Kaldi make a perfectly measured cup. A storage drawer below stores the spent containers and makes cleanup a cinch.

The Kaldi comes with 12 sample flavors and is available in three color combinations to fit every kitchen: silver/red, silver/blue, and silver/white.

For more information or to purchase a Kaldi, visit

Barnes & Noble Nook

All New Barnes & Noble Nook for Boomers

Barnes & Noble has completely redesigned the Nook. The new version is ultra light, at under 8 ounces, and claims a battery life of up to two months. It has the same e-Ink pearl technology that makes it very easy to read, with a 6-inch touch screen display that is very crisp and very easy to read, even in the brightest of sunlight. Page turn times have been minimized and scrolling through pages can be done very quickly.

The new form factor looks easier to hold, with a recessed area on the back side.

There are over 2 million books available for the Nook, many classics are free and there are also newspapers and magazines available. As with the previous Nook, you can make the text easy to read for almost anyone, with a huge range of sizes. There’s a sample of the customizable font sizes here.

The new Nook is $139 for the Wi-Fi version, no news if there will be a 3G version yet. We’re hoping to get our hands on one for a full review. Pre-orders are being accepted now, and the new Nook will ship on June 10, 2011.

Motorola Atrix w/Laptop dock

Motorola Atrix ATT 4G phone and laptop dock

The Motorola Atrix answers the question, “When is a phone not a phone?”. It is a phone, but with the fastest dual-core processor running at 1 GHz and 4G connectivity, it’s better than most netbooks. It has a very high resolution display, and to make it truly unique and productive, it has a Laptop Dock. He can plug the phone in, and it becomes the brain for a small laptop that has a full keyboard, track pad (can use a mouse) and a nice-sized LCD screen that makes browsing web pages a really good experience. It runs the Android operating system, so it can view Adobe Flash content on websites and can use any of the over 100,000 apps on the Android market.

Possibly the coolest part of this is that it’s like having a netbook or laptop that can be put away and he can just use the phone, but his phone has everything right inside it. At a price well under most laptops, and with a very high speed 4G connection built-in.

For more information or to purchase the Motorola Atrix, visit

Kodak W1030S Pulse 10-Inch Digital Frame

Kodak W1030S Pulse 10-Inch Digital Frame for Seniors

This may be the coolest photo frame ever. It’s a 10-inch (diagonal) digital photo display with 512 MB of internal storage, but that’s only part of the story. It’s Wi-Fi enabled, and you can easily set it up via simple menus to automatically download images from Facebook and Kodak galleries as well as via email. That’s right, if your son or daughter likes to send you photos of your grandkids, they can email them directly to an account that loads them right into your frame.

  • 10 in. high-quality digital photo display
  • Receive pictures via e-mail, Facebook and Kodak Gallery sites. Quick comment feature for Facebook.
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • 512 MB of internal memory
  • USB port and 2 card slots to add pictures from other sources
  • Built-in activity sensor turns the frame on when you’re nearby and conserves energy when you’re not
  • For more information or to purchase a Kodak W1030 Digital Photo Frame, visit