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EldercareABC’s Carnival – Both Useful and Fun!

Photo courtesy of user _Robert C_

Photo courtesy of user _Robert C_

We here at ElderGadget would like to thank the EldercareABCBlog for its weekly ElderCareABC Carnival. This column highlights relevant and interesting websites and blogs that are tackling issues near and dear to the elderly. I urge all ElderGadget readers to visit the Carnival and listen or read this week’s best elderly-centric pieces. I especially appreciated a post they pointed out by Daniel Goleman, entitled Yes, You Can: New Research Suggests We can Build Our Willpower. This piece first appeared on, which, according to its  website, is an authority on brain fitness and cognitive health.

We agree that brain games and mind fitness exercises can slow down or prevent the loss of brain function and memory – along with all the hardships that come with them. It’s clear that Mr. Goleman is also working very hard to get this message across, so we’d love to give three cheers to him and to the EldercareABCBlog.

If you’d like to read even more about brain games and how they can benefit the elderly, check out our own coverage of the subject by clicking here.


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