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EBookFling Would Let You Lend eBooks to Millions of

As you may know, Amazon recently announced that it was adding a lending feature to its Kindle, which would allow readers to electronically “lend” their titles to friends for a period of time. The idea has been well received by Kindle aficionados, making one company take notice.

It’s called EBookFling, and this site plans to take the idea of a little friendly lending to a whole ‘nother level. Instead of having to choose a title from your friends’ meager Kindle or Nook selections, EBookFling has created a platform where you can borrow a book from any Kindle or Nook user who registers on its site.

Once registered, participants simply list the titles they’ve already read on their ereaders. Other members can search through these titles and, once a desired ebook is located, EBookFling will send an email to its owner that contains lending instructions.

Every time you lend a book you receive a credit, which can be used to borrow someone else’s ebook. No word yet on how the initial lending period will work, since EBookFling hasn’t gotten off the ground quite yet. It’s currently registering subscribers, who can only submit their titles right now. According to officials, EBookFling is still about a month away from going live.

One group that may stand in the way of its official launch is book publishers. These companies will inevitably be none too pleased with the idea of Kindle and Nook owners having free (though temporary) access to their ebooks. This could mean a significant drop in ebook sales.

The LA Times also pointed out that cooperation from the publishing industry is essential for EBookFling to survive. This is because publishers have the final say on whether Amazon or Barnes & Noble can enable the lending feature on their titles.

If EBookFling is successful, however, it could open up a slew of literary gems to a whole bunch of seniors, which we’re all for!

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