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Daughter Talks Smack on Facebook, Father Riddles Laptop with Bullets

Children, heed this advice: don’t mess with fathers in cowboy hats. One 15-year-old girl learned this the hard way. She apparently complained to her Facebook friends about having to do chores at home, poking fun at her parents’ old-school ways.

Well, her father has some old-school ways of his own.  After setting up a tripod and grabbing his gun, the father made a video of himself putting his daughter in check. The best part? “That right here is your laptop. This right here is my .45,” he says, referring to his gun.

The father also insists that she pay him back for each bullet he pumped into the laptop, which he says costs about a dollar a piece. He also tells her she has permission to get a new laptop anytime – anytime she can afford one, that is.

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