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Dakim Brain Fitness Games Take Aim at Dementia

Dakim Brain Fitness is a true original: it’s the first brain game system that was primarily created in order to fight dementia and associated symptoms like memory loss.

Dakim’s scientist’s built a snappy 20-minute-exercises that works out long-term memory, critical thinking, visual as well as spacial reasoning, and language skills. The Dakim system adapts traditional neurological tests into entertaining interactive brain games that are reminiscent of the classic TV game show format. Ranging five general ability levels, users sharpen their cognitive skills with word association games, anagrams, and grocery store math challenges. Supposedly using the system on a consistent long-term basis can help reduce the risk of dementia by about 60%.

The game was originally designed for use in senior living communities and can now be found in over 350 senior living centers across the country. Brain Fitness will be available for personal computer users this spring for $495.00. While that might seem a bit pricey at first, if Dakin BrainFitness can actually fight off dementia, then the product is surely worth the cost.

To learn more about Dakim Brain Fitness, and to sample some of their games (we are particularly fond of Jukebox Jitterbug), visit

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  1. William Kroehler March 18, 2011 at 4:43 pm #

    Challenging to say the least.

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