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Cool Gadgets for Cold Weather

The Poseidon Patio Heater has a built-in media player

Seniors are particularly susceptible to cold weather. Cold air and moisture can exasperate the effects of arthritis and extreme weather can make travel more difficult than usual. Luckily, technology is there to help guide is through some icy patches, as MSNBC shows us in its list of 10 Gadget that Wage a War on Winter.

For starters, seniors  who refuse to be trapped indoors by a few inches of snow can use the Roboplow. You can easily control this little guyfrom the warmth of your home with a remote control. Roboplow could eliminate or greatly reduce how often youneed to shovel,  or pay someone to shovel, your driveway.

The Poseidon Patio Heater is also great for cold days and nights. This heater has a 13-foot radius and runs on electricity. This makes the Poseidon much safer to use than its gas-powered counterparts. It even comes with an added bonus, a built-in4GB media player.

For indoor affairs, there’s the Coz-E blanket. This device is essentially a Snuggie with a built-in heating pad. It proves to be a powerful weapon for seniors fighting cold weather. Slip your arms through the sleeves, crank up the heat, and enjoy the Coz-E’s warm embrace andfull use of your arms.

Click here for MSNBC’s complete list of gadgets that can help you get through this winter.


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