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Controller-Free Kinect May Appeal to Seniors

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The Nintendo Wii has had massive success since its release in 2006. Part of this success is its popularity with seniors. The Wii’s motion-capture controller gives seniors a unique opportunity to physically interact with games and stay in shape. Plus, the ability to create your own avatar, combined with internet capabilities, makes group play and competition easier.

The Microsoft hopes to one-up Nintendo with the Kinect, a motion-capture device that only uses body movements (i.e. no controllers required) and is compatible with the Xbox. The lack of controllers can open up gaming to a whole new group of seniors that find controllers hard to grip or use.

In fact, Microsoft may even have designed the Kinect with older gamers in mind. Many of the games being developed for the device are geared toward physical fitness, one of the main aspects of motion-capture gaming that appeals the most to seniors.

Seniors can’t go wrong with either device (or the Playstation Move, for that matter), but the hands-free game play of the Kinect may be most suitable for controller-adverse seniors.

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