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Co. Creates Wearable Airbags for Skiers, Possibilities for Seniors Could Be Endless

The airbag-equipped ski vest that Dainese is currently developing

We normally wouldn’t write about ski equipment, but this is no ordinary snow accessory. An Italian company called Dainese has created a wearable airbag that could reduce the number of injuries that ski racers experience.

Dainese is working with the International Ski Federation and a group of skiers to develop the appropriate algorithm that would inflate the airbag system. In laymen’s terms, the company is trying to figure out how much inertia is necessary to deploy the airbag so that it prevents a great deal of major injuries, but isn’t going off every time a skier takes a small tumble.

Dainese plans to conclude its study of skiers and inertia by 2013, at which time it will likely finalize the airbag-friendly gear. Wearable airbags have already been successfully developed for motorcycle racers.

This type of built-in technology could be extremely important and useful to the senior population. Those who live alone, have an unsteady gait or poor eyesight could benefit exponentially from wearing lightweight vests or jackets that included an airbag. This could also be a great accessory when traveling outdoors or in snowy conditions.

Though Dainese doesn’t currently have any plans to venture into the senior-friendly realm, its invention could have a long-lasting impact on it anyway. Just think of how many injuries could be prevented if seniors were wearing vests with built-in airbags!

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