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Charge Your iPod…With Your Heart?

Chemists may have discovered a way to charge small electronics, such as iPods and cell phones, with your heartbeat. Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have created small nanogenerators that can generate power through slight movements.

These movements can include anything from a gust of wind to a rolling tire to even a human heartbeat. Apparently the zinc oxide contained within these nanogenerators can create an electrical current when they’re stretched by these movements. The Georgia team has yet to create a nanogenerator that can single-handedly produce enough power to charge a small electronic, but the study’s leader is confident that this can be achieved by stacking nanogenerators together to multiply their power supply.

The team thinks it will be about five years until nanogenerators can replace traditional rechargeable batteries in many of our small consumer electronics. The concept is definitely a little advanced for our unscientific brains, but we love the idea of doing away with all these cords and chargers!

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