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CES 2012 Spotlight Review: Oregon Scientific WR202 Digital Handheld Emergency Alert Radio

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We’ve covered other solar/handcrank emergency radios before, but Oregon Scientific has added a feature that is extremely useful. It can receive emergency alerts and warn you of bad weather and other problems in your area specifically. The Digital Handheld Emergency Alert Radio features an Alert function that lets the user know when the National Weather Service issues Imminent Weather or Civil Emergency warnings in your area.The cool thing is that it will do it even if it’s turned off! If you have it turned off, it will automatically turn itself on to let the warning come in. You can be prepared for the emergency before it happens.

Of course, it also has everything else you’d like in an emergency radio, like a flashlight, USB charge port for your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android smartphone or tablet, Blackberry, etc. and it charges by solar energy or a hand crank on the side. It’s small and lightweight.

For more information, visit Oregon Scientific.



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