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Cardiovascular Trends: The Elliptical Machine

The Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association has spotted an interesting trend: the elliptical machine is growing in sales and might soon overtake the treadmill as the more popular of the two home cardiovascular units. In 2008, American consumers spent $870 million dollars on treadmills, but elliptical machines were not that far behind, earning $687 million dollars.

With arm and leg stations that provide stability and an all-body work out, the benefits of the elliptical machine are indisputable. Additionally, the movement of the elliptical machine provides a workout that is similar to running, but without high-impact knee, ankle, or hip stress. This is particularly appealing to seniors with arthritis who want a safe cardiovascular exercise, as the elliptical doesn’t induce any excess pain.

Gear: Home Elliptical Machines Hit Their Stride (Los Angeles Times)

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