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British Magazine Publisher Implores Manufacturers to Build Senior-friendly Tablets

Felix Dennis, an almost-senior himself

Felix Dennis, a British magazine publisher, recently spoke to the UK’s Guardian newspaper about technology, tablets and apps. Among the pearls of wisdom Dennis bestowed were some thoughts on how he felt the market wasn’t giving enough attention or mindfulness to seniors.

Dennis was right on point with ElderGadget in telling the Guardian that he believed more manufacturers needed to focus on gadgets that would appeal to seniors and their common maladies. A few of his remarks are below.

“If you want to make a fortune, produce a thing like the iPad, make it very light, and preload it with stuff that people over 65 and 70 years old want to see: web addresses, apps, anything you want.”

“Make the buttons absolutely huge and only have a few of them, and put that on the market at 100 quid for people to buy their grandmothers. You would sell millions!”

“My mother is 93, and if there was an app on a machine that she could see properly showing all the houses that have been sold for 100 miles around, she’d be on it night and day.”

What do you think? Do you agree with Dennis?

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