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Boston Acoustics

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Hearing loss is a common and potentially disabling problem for seniors. Hearing loss may impair physical and social functions, and is often associated with cognitive deficits, mood disturbances and behavioral disorders. In fact, 90% of hearing loss in the elderly is due to sensorineural changes, which means that the tiny hairs in the inner-ear grow abnormally, affecting the precision of one’s hearing.

In many cases this hearing loss can be amended by simply turning up the volume on the television.

ost TV speakers simply do not provide enough volume for the hearing impaired, and oftentimes the sound quality is less than satisfactory when turned to a higher volume.

Affordable at $400, the Boston Acoustics TVee(r) Model 2 includes a soundbar, perfectly sized for monitors 32-inches and up, and a wireless subwoofer that all work together to deliver a dramatically better television experience. The system provides the amplification needed for senior ears, with its 100 watts total system power, and ensures the sound quality matches your digital video quality.

The system is also easy to install and even easier to enjoy. The TVee Model 2 uses just a single cable to connect to your TV, and the wireless subwoofer can be placed anywhere in your room. The entire system can be run utilizing your existing television remote.

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