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Blenders – Glass vs. Plastic

Courtesy of Flickr user quinn.anya

Courtesy of Flickr user quinn.anya

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to blender jars, with some preferring plastic and others preferring glass. The common belief is that glass blenders are nicer and more durable, though plastic jars usually weigh less, making them easier to maneuver. When it comes to picking a blender for the elderly, however, other factors such as weight and stability also come into play.

If strength is an issue, then glass vs. plastic becomes more than just a personal preference. Glass jars are significantly heavier than plastic jars. Keep in mind that even if the jar is easy to lift when empty, it will be much heavier when it’s full of smoothie. Thus, plastic jars might be the best option if strength is a concern.

Glass blender jars are also more likely to impact the stability of a blender. Some blenders are top heavy (because the jar is made of glass), which makes them liable to tip over. Tipping over a blender could send the jar or even the base crashing to the floor. Additionally, a glass jar is much more likely to hurt someone if it lands on them. Look for blenders that have a sturdy base and a good center of gravity.

If you can’t test the stability of the blender you’d like to purchase, check out our blender review.


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