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Battery Life of iPhone 4S Called into Question

Apple’s official specs state that iPhone 4S users should be able to talk for up to eight hours while utilizing 3G (14 hours with 2G), surf the Web via 3G for up to six hours (nine hours with Wifi) and keep the phone on standby for up to 200 hours. However, many of the first iPhone 4S owners have taken to online forums to voice their concerns and complaints over the smartphone’s seemingly short battery life.

Many affected users were quick to let the online community know that they had tried many of the traditional tricks to save battery life, such as turning off 3G and location-based services, to no avail. Apple has yet to make a public statement on the matter, though a few iPhone 4S owners noted on the forums that company reps had reached out to them to try and solve the problem. We’ll let you know if Apple either makes a formal announcement or discovers the source of the problem.


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